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Photocatalytic Oxidation; PCO, Hydroxyl Radicals, Reactive Oxygen Species; ROS; Hydroperoxides; Hydro-Peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, ionized hydroperoxide;“Ionized Hydro-Peroxide”, PHI technology, Controlled oxidation, Ionized hydrogen peroxides: (many names are used in Marketing) carries both corona discharge and UV ultraviolet ozone generators.

Some companies are selling UV units with sterilizer bulbs which do not produce large quantities of ozone with Titanuum Dioxide coating in the UV chamber - using Photo catalytic Oxidation "PCO" air purification in place of an ozone treatment.  Some companies are marketing "PCO technology", and Hydro-Peroxide and making the claim it will travel throughout a building like ozone killing germs.

It is true that "Photocatalytic Oxidation; PCO, Reactive Oxygen Species; ROS; Hydroperoxides; Hydro-Peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, ionized hydroperoxide;“Ionized Hydro-Peroxide”, PHI technology, etc." kill germs similar to ozone's ability and are even more reactive than ozone, but because of their extremely short life span, will not travel throughout a room or building killing germs on surfaces.

Keep in mind, any machine that produces air that is safe to breathe, is not going to kill off bacteria, mold, and virus contamination beyond the exit vents of the machine or at least more than a couple feet or so.  We see on TV through the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, many companies are spraying chemicals throughout airports and public places and in buildings.  Most of these chemicals are not safe for breathing, thus the gas masks the personnel spraying these chemicals are wearing.  Many of these chemicals may leave a toxic residual that is also not safe.  Ozone is a better choice for indoor surface sterilization.

Ozone is simply clumped oxygen molecules.  Ozone molecules are not stable which makes ozone an excellent oxidizer that is able to travel throughout a building, lasting long enough to oxidize and destroy virus, mold, bacteria pathogens in the air and on surfaces, leaving behind no residual other that what was there...oxygen.

It is claimed that Hydroxyl Radicals or Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) will travel throughout a building like ozone, however, the life span of Hydroxyl Radicals is only a few seconds, as ions.

While Hydroxyl Radicals or ROS are real and more reactive than ozone, because their life span is similar to an ion, which is only a few seconds (and ROS is produced as an ION and measured on particles) so they do not have the ability to travel throughout a room or kill germs on surfaces. 
Hydroxyl Radicals are best used in air purifiers which move a lot of air through the machine with UV Sterilizer tubes surrounded with Titanium Dioxide coating on plates or surfaces inside the air purifier to increase the Hydroxyl Radical production already present.  Our UV ozone generators produce and abundance of PCO Hydroxyl Radicals (Hydro Peroxides, Passive Negative Ions, Super Oxide Ions, Hydroxides) though are mostly useless for shock treating for mold or bacteria on surfaces because of their reactiveness (very short life span....seconds).  On the other hand, ozone has a half life span of a full 30 minutes, meaning if we put an amount of ozone into a room under normal room temperatures, in 30 minutes the amount of ozone is cut in half.  This means that ozone will have a minimum of an hour to build up concentration and also gives it adequate time to travel throughout the treatment area shock treating and fully decontaminating surfaces effectively.

UV tubes and tio2 (titanium dioxide) are used to create UV Photocatalytic Oxidation; or Photocatalytic Oxidation "PCO" which produces Hydroxyl Radicals and or Hydro Peroxides, Passive Negative Ions, Super Oxide Ions, Hydroxides, Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) see: , , and
(usually referred to in the body as a medical term where), and Ozonide Ions. (some of the terms used to describe this process are redundant, taken out of context, or have been re-worded to make it sound higher tech.)

Hydroxyl Radicals or ROS / ions are claimed to work better than ozone, but these ions last only a few seconds - because they are so reactive.  While Hydroxyl Radicals are suited for certain applications, where the application is in very close proximity - or in the machine producing of the Hydroxyl Radicals or ROS, Hydroxyl Radicals will not be suited for
shock treatments or germ killing action in a room or building.  They are really only for air purifying in a small area or a filter system where air exchange will be relied upon.  The air passing through the unit or in very close proximity will be treated.  Because of the short life of Hydroxyl Radicals , these machines are not capable of shock treating or removing odors permanently except for the air passing through the machine.  In a 20'x25' sized room, Photocatalytic Oxidation, or, PCO can be effective air purification if the purifier has a large airflow and enough UV tubes (two 8-12" UV Sterilizer tubes recommended in a purifier @ 220 CFM) with the Tio2 coating in the light chamber.  Still, this is not recommended for someone with asthma or other lung conditions.  University of Colorado at Boulder Catalysis Research on Photocatalytic Oxidation states:
"PCO is well suited for modular systems and is effective on a small scale. These reactions take place on a semiconductor catalyst (usually TiO2) with near-UV light (<380 nm). Photocatalytic oxidation is a low-energy way to reduce low concentrations of pollutants in air"

Some companies have taken the analogies or comparisons of ozone applications vs. Hydroxyl radical applications out of context, much in the same way some politicians often do (for their own benefit)

For true shock treatments, or widespread complete germ and mold killing action, high ozone levels must be achieved.  These systems, using the Hydroxyl Radical process, (or other trademarked processes using Hydroxyl Radicals ), will not produce sufficient gases for surface shock treatment results alone. The only part of this process that will "travel through the house" is the ozone production, which is a very small amount in a UV sterilizer air purifier. 

If you are looking into a PCO machine for mold or surface decontamination, you probably wont find ozone output specifications (as some of these are using ozone producing tubes combining PCO technology as it will be the ozone that travels to surfaces to do the decontamination/ sterilization.
Ozone monitors are thrown off by the presence of these ions making it more difficult to get a valid reading.

Also see :

"Reactive oxygen species

Reactive oxygen species or ROSs are species such as superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, and hydroxyl radical and are associated with cell damage. ROSs form as a natural byproduct of the normal metabolism of oxygen and have important roles in cell signaling."

Note that UV ozone generators are not simply UV sterilizers, but high output UV ozone generators.

There is a big difference in the two types of UV bulbs used - often they are confused. 

The bulbs included in our
UV ultraviolet ozone generators produce high levels of ozone for Shock treatments.  With these ozone producing bulbs, ozone air purification of a room can usually be obtained in a just few minutes of use.  Longer treatment times will result in high levels of ozone for shock treatment use - these high levels are for germ and mold killing treatments and should be done while no one is in the room.

o3ozone also offers UV sterilizer bulbs that are interchangeable with the UV ozone producing bulbs of our UV Ultraviolet Ozone Generators for those wanting small room occupied air purification without high output ozone production.

UV ozone generation is superior to corona discharge ozone generation for any ozone air delivery use including shock treatments because of stable high outputs and reduced cleaning/ maintenance. 

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