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The health and safety of ozone gas


One of the more common questions is about ozone use and its safety. Ozone has been known for almost a century now, and quite a lot is known about it.

When used correctly, like cleaners or chemicals, ozone is safe.

Top name brand air purifiers use small amounts of ozone to purify air.  Most that have used the ionic breeze type purifiers (approx. 10-15mghr ozone output) understand the limited ability of ionic breeze air purifiers at reducing strong odors.  In addition, using an ozone air purifier which does not have adequate ozone output will result in incomplete shock treatments, sometimes leaving contaminants and gasses that would have been oxidized with enough ozone.  A high power ozone generator matched to the ozone treatment area is required for effective results.  It is important to differentiate between an ozone air purifier designed for air purification, and a high power ozone generator designed for ozone shock treatment.  Many ozone air purifier products are sold for remediation uses that have little ability to perform an actual shock treatment.

o3ozone ozone generators can sterilize surfaces and purify air with shock treatments; eliminate odor sources with oxidation. To KILL MOLD, sterilize surfaces, it is necessary to choose the correct sized ozone generator.  Call us at 330-497-6900 or see our Selection Page to view approx. coverage ability of each ozone generator.  Ozone generators are rated for 3 levels of ability; air purification use, mild shock treatment, and commercial shock treatment.


Ozone generators designed for high level shock treatments are used by professionals for fire, flood, mold, and odor remediation in unoccupied spaces only. Ozone in extreme concentration will kill residual mold through the oxidation process. This procedure prevents re-growth of mold.

It is important to differentiate the ozone equipment used for mold remediation, and the ozone air purifiers commonly sold as powerful air cleaners. Low output ozone generators are sold as high powered air purifiers and are still powerful enough and capable of producing levels of ozone that can damage lungs and are not recommended for occupied air purification without precise monitoring using appropriate digital monitoring or controlling equipment.
Shock treatment ozone generators often produce 100X + the amount of ozone produced by ozone generators sold as “ozone air purifiers”.

Active ozone in the air is not recommended for anyone with Asthma or Emphysema; however, ozone shock treatments can be beneficial in removing residual irritating contamination such as mold, bacteria, dust mites, fumes, and allergens, making the atmosphere less irritating to those with allergies, asthma.  If you are suffering from Asthma or Emphysema and are looking for air-purification you can benefit from choosing a HEPA rated air purifier filter with a gas and odor Carbon filter such as the IQAir HealthPro Plus, Allerair AirMedic Exec, Austin Air Healthmate, or the NQ Environmental Clarifier Purifier.  Many other models are available for custom tailored needs, please call 330-497-6900 and let us help you determine the correct product for your application.

Most popular HEPA Carbon Allergy Air Purifier we Sell:  IQAir HealthPro Plus

As with other cleaners, chemicals, and devices, when instructions are not followed, ozone can be misused.  Ozone is an oxidizer found naturally in the environment we live and breathe in.  Ozone in sufficient shock treatment concentration and time will oxidize the throat and respiratory tract.  Short over-exposure is usually not dangerous and the symptoms include dry mouth, sore throat, and headaches in some.  These symptoms can be relieved by the simple application of fresh air.  It is also good news that there are no deaths reported from ozone's misuse.

For most applications, we recommend that ozone be used in the shock treatment manner. This is a very effective use for an ozone generator which has the ability to sterilize rooms.  While ozone generators have a large capacity for occupied air-purification, we recommend the shock treatment use.  Government warnings such as from the EPA refer to the dangers of using an ozone generator for occupied air purification use.  These warnings are not referring to the shock treatment use of ozone. 

Some of the statements given by the EPA include:

"Available scientific evidence shows that, at concentrations that do not exceed public health standards, ozone is generally ineffective in controlling indoor air pollution."


The concentration of ozone would have to greatly exceed health standards to be effective in removing most indoor air contaminants."

Understand that shock treatment use of ozone greatly exceeds public health standards for occupied areas.  The small amount of ozone considered acceptable by the EPA for occupied use is just that, a very small amount of ozone which cannot oxidize contaminants effectively.

Ozone can be used for occupied air purification, especially for smoke or smoking odor at lower ozone output levels, but sophisticated monitoring is recommended.

Because ozone can be misused by producing much larger amounts of ozone than products labeled and sold only as "air purifiers", you will not find large consumer products retailers and stores offering high-powered ozone generators that can produce large amounts of ozone. For example, one popular brand name air purifier unit produces approx. 15mghr of ozone.  While the smaller amount of ozone cannot be misused, the product will have  limited ability to purify air, and no ability to kill germs on surfaces with  a shock treatment from an ozone generator.  All products on the market labeled as air purifiers will have minimum, or no production of ozone.  If the air purifier is labeled an ozone generator / air purifier, it can be misused, especially if directions are nor followed.

Ozone generators, while having a great ability to purify air on the lower settings, are not simply air purifiers, they can be misused, and should not be sold strictly as air purifiers.

However, Ozone is much less a danger than regular household bleach, and many other chemicals found in the average home.  *Another positive point is ozone has a short life expectancy.  Get to know ozone depletion.  *(ozone is depleted much more rapidly in high temperatures, than in low temperatures.  At COLD temperatures, such as freezing, ozone may not be depleted for over 30 Days.  It is important to use ozone in temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.) See understanding ozone depletion.

Shock treatments are to be performed only while rooms or areas are un-occupied. People, plants pets, and other deodorizers must be removed for the shock treatment.

CLICK HERE! to learn more about ozone in nature, and ozone air treatment.


While Ozone can be used for occupied air purification, o3ozone cannot take responsibility for the misuse or improper implementation of ozone.  Ozone in high concentration is an industrial cleaning tool and directions must be followed.  In addition, we recommend signs indicating ozone gas use - "do not enter" - and locking doors for ozone shock treatments.  If you cannot take the responsibility necessary to handle high levels of ozone, we recommend that you do not purchase an ozone generator.  Due to the nature of these products Allergy Purifiers LLC reserves the right to sell or not to sell any products on our web site to any individual or company or organization.

After a shock treatment levels of ozone have depleted, it is normal to smell a pleasant "bleach-like" oxidation aroma.  Although it often seems ozone is still there, the level is below the level where active oxidation from a high ozone level exists.  This can be confirmed if you have purchased a high quality ozone monitor that offers a real time reading.  Sometimes, an ozone shock treatment can help expose low quality building materials that are constantly off-gassing due to instable, improperly cured compounds, such as has been found with some carpet padding.  In these rare cases, there may be more off-gassing of these uncured, improperly manufactured materials after an ozone treatment - sometimes exposing the problem.

Those looking for air-purification or are suffering from Asthma or Emphysema can find articles on the internet that suggest staying away from any ozone source.  If you are suffering from MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), Asthma or Emphysema, and do not want to use an invasive ozone shock treatment can benefit from choosing a HEPA rated air purifier filter with a gas and odor Carbon filter such as the IQAir HealthPro Plus, Allerair AirMedic Exec, Austin Air Healthmate, or the NQ Environmental Clarifier Purifier.  Many other models are available for custom tailored needs, please call 330-497-6900 and let us help you determine the correct product for your application.

We ask that the decision to purchase an ozone generator be made after through review of all available information from any source.  If you still have any reservation of the use of an ozone generator, or are not willing to take the responsibility according to usage instructions, we ask that you do not purchase an ozone generator.

Ozone Shock treatments should be done in rooms when no people, animals, or even plants are present. To do this, an unoccupied zone should be established with no air infiltration; no leaks through ventilation systems, windows, or doors.  Also, by sealing the area, you can be sure the shock treatment will be successful.

Air Purification Instructions are also recommended reading.




A properly implemented and operated ozone system poses no health hazards. While ozone is labeled a toxic gas and the established concentration limits for air purification applications must be adhered to for public place applications, the odor threshold (.01 ppm) is far below the safety limit of .1 ppm exposure over an eight hour period.  We recommend the use of ozone generators for Shock treatments for safety and effectiveness.

More Ozone References.

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