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The OZONE GENERATORS we sell produce the lowest possible amount of nitrogen oxides of any corona discharge generator using ambient air available today!

(To achieve any lower, pure oxygen must be used in place of ambient air or with air dryers. This is because the air we breathe or "ambient air" is made up of 80% nitrogen.) 

We now are offering equipment utilizing air driers, or pure oxygen generators for feed gas.

Why are UV ozone generators a better choice than corona discharge ozone generators?

(For all air or surface sterilization Shock treatment applications such as MOLD, Smoke, Fire odors, musty smells, flood odor, protein decomposition odor, germ and virus remediation, etc.)

The Biggest difference between corona discharge and UV ozone generation methods is that UV ozone generators have stable ozone output levels throughout humidity ranges, while the output of corona discharge ozone generators is significantly reduced by just moderate humidity levels such as 4070% (ozone output is reduced by approx. 40-70% with 40-70% humidity). In addition, with UV ozone generators, the cleaning requirement is almost eliminated compared to corona discharge ozone generators. Also, the ozone produced from a UV ozone generator is cleaner (no nitric acids) and smells better than ozone produced from corona discharge machines, and is just as powerful and often more powerful as ozone produced by corona discharge ozone generators.
UV ozone generators include UV PRO 550, UV PRO 550AT, UV PRO 1100AT, UV PRO 2800, UV PRO 4000, and UV PRO 6800

If you need an ozone generator with adjustable ozone output, two new models, the UV PRO 550AT or UV PRO 1100AT are ideal.  The "AT" stands for Adjustable with 48 hour Timer.  These models produce the cleanest and sweetest ozone ever possible - adjustable down to very low levels or high levels for shock treatments and are much more dependable than corona models on the market!  Please call 330-497-6900 for information or to purchase.


Research Patents for False Advertising:

If you know the NAME of a particular patent and want to research it to find out facts such as who the patent owner is,  and what the patent or invention is actually for, CLICK HERE and type in just the NAME OF THE PATENT or the first word of the patent (in the Term 1: field) and click the search button.  This will bring up patent numbers with links that will provide detail information about the patent, what it is for, and who owns it.  This will allow you to spot serious scams involving false claims; (what the invention is for, and who the real owner, owners are), or to verify a valid patent claim or owner.

While most patents are not misrepresented by sellers, there are some companies that you may (or may not) be shocked to find heavily advertising large-scale falsifications.  If you spot a falsification, you may want to report it to one or all three of the organizations below:



Patents for "Zero Nitrogen Oxides"do not exist.

Patents for "Zero Nitrogen Oxide Elements"do not exist.


It is important to understand that there are basically only two (2) types of ozone generation technology:

One is corona discharge, (lightening) and the other is U.V. (ultraviolet ozone producing systems - such as our UV PRO 6800).  (Ozone is produced in nature from other sources as well including waterfalls and certain chemical reactions, we are only referring to man made ozone.)

These are the only two man made technologies known to produce ozone.  Man made Ozone is simply produced by one of these two means.

All corona discharge generators use plates or tubes and glass, mica or ceramic and metal.  Every company selling corona discharge ozone generators has plates in their generators whether they are enclosed, encased, tubular, or an open design like ours.

If another company claims they are using a new and different technology, other that the plate / glass (etc.) system, but they say they sell corona discharge ozone generators, remember that corona discharge is the name of this plate/tube technology! 

Also, a company making these statements would certainly explain the differences with this "new technology", and how exactly it works, - especially if the claimed "new technology" were patented. 

It is easy to understand that; if a claimed new technology were patented, the patent would protect that company from competitors copying the design, allowing the patent owner to advertise and explain the technology to the whole world, which in turn allows the company to profit greatly from it's invention.  So if you find a company that simply will not explain the technology they say exists, it is most likely a scam to gain sales.  Furthermore, the production of a gas or the properties of a gas cannot be patent.  Only the physical design of an apparatus may be patented. be sure to read the information we provide about Patents for "Zero Nitrogen Oxides"do not exist.

It is also important to understand that "elements" do not play a large part in the production of nitrogen oxides or nitric acid - only the feed gas can change the properties of the gas produced.  This is a simple matter of basic chemistry.  There is no such thing as a Zero Nitrogen Oxide ozone element.


QUESTION: I have noticed that another web site, auction, or company has claims that the ozone generators they sell do not produce NITROGEN OXIDE, and that larger fans in the units create more. DO YOURS?

Do not believe claims about corona discharge ozone generators that claim "zero" or "no nitrogen oxides". ALL CORONA DISCHARGE OZONE GENERATORS CREATE A SMALL AMOUNT OF NITROGEN OXIDES" unless they were to use pure oxygen for feed gas, dry air, and have absolutely no metal of any kind in the generation chamber. The amount produced is negligible, approximately 1/100 of the amount of ozone being produced. In an ozonated area that is safe to occupy (>0.04 ppm) the nitrogen oxide level would be around 0.0004, well below the safe level.

Some companies have used a nitrogen oxide testing method that does not work, Draeger gas testing tubes and Matheson gas detector tubes for nitrogen are not usable in an ozone environment. Both companies state in their instructions that they will not give an accurate reading in an ozone environment. Draeger say's that the nitrogen oxide tests are "not compatible with an ozone environment" and: Matheson states that "the stained layer is decolorized by ozone"

We have tested our equipment with the Matheson gas testers and came up with 0 nitrogen oxides , However we know that, THE TESTS HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO MEANING WHEN DONE IN THE PRESENCE OF OZONE so we do not claim absolute zero.

The Draeger and Matheson gas test tubes use a small glass tube that contains cotton type batting inside that is soaked in a special chemical regent. The tubes are inserted into a special pump that draws a calibrated amount of air through it. The regent discolors up the length of the tube which is marked with concentrations. The problem is that as soon as the regent changes color it is bleached or " discolored" by the ozone and shows no reading, thus zero nitrogen oxide readings are obtained.


FAN SIZE AND ITS FUNCTION Pertaining to the production of Nitrous oxides:

A higher volume of air passing through the corona discharge process may actually help to reduce any nitrous oxides produced as heat plays an important part in the production of nitrous oxides. The more heat build-up, the more nitrous oxides may be produced. Stronger fans reduce the heat build-up of the corona discharge process and components, thereby reducing the nitrous oxides produced, and more air passing through the ozone elements can often produce more ozone. There is a scientifically determined optimum speed for each of our different models, matching the airflow to the process, taking any guesswork out of the picture.
Do not believe any claims that slower fan speeds produce less nitrous oxides, as the opposite may be true. A website or individual that claims zero nitrous oxides produced, or that the larger the fan the higher the nitrogen oxide output, is simply trying to set their products apart making them sound better to generate more sales.

UV ozone generators, such as the UV PRO 6800 no not create nitrous oxides in the process of creating ozone. carries both corona discharge and UV ultraviolet ozone generators.  With ambient air systems, UV ozone generation is superior because of stable high outputs and reduced cleaning/ maintenance.  UV Ozone Generators: UV PRO 550, UV PRO 2800, UV PRO 4000, and the NEW! Ultra-High powered UV PRO 6800


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New patented design claims: No cleaning required claims

Be careful about purchasing any ozone generator that claims:

A. " NO CLEANING OR MAINTENANCE REQUIRED ". We have tested several different brands and models as well as speaking with several of the sellers, they are either disposable or you MUST purchase costly replacement elements, UV tubes, or other parts instead of cleaning. These replicable, uncleanable elements or tubes cause the ozone production to slowly reduce over time until they finally stop working. Our ozone generators are designed to last for years to come and carry a 6 year warranty to prove it. When maintained properly the corona elements will last 4 full years maintaining a steady amount of ozone production, the unit itself will last much longer. That's a lot of continuous use!

B. Patents for "Zero Nitrogen Oxides"do not exist.

Patents from any company, person, or manufacturer for "Zero Nitrogen Oxides" do not exist.  If you find this claim, ask for patent numbers and be sure to search the patents and read what the invention is for. You will find that any, and every company out there making this claim has falsified what the patent is for.  The only patents found are for reducing noise. 

Any company with valid patents will list the patent numbers.  If an invention is patented, the company will proudly advertise and make reference to the patent number. That's what a patent is no-one else can take the idea.

Our units have the right components and the right type of fans in them to already be as quiet, or quieter than any other forced air corona discharge ozone generator on the market.

"NEW PATENTED DESIGN ", we have yet to truly see a "new" ozone generator element design, they are simply a different ground electrode shape, mounting design, etc.  ALL are plate, screen, and glass, mica, or ceramic corona elements regardless of claims. 

  Some companies even try to fool you into thinking that the patent covers nitrogen oxide and states that they are nitrogen oxide free. We have researched all such patents.  THERE IS NO MENTION OF REDUCED OR ELIMINATION OF NITROGEN OXIDES IN ANY OF THEM UNLESS THEY ARE USING PURE OXYGEN instead of the air we breathe. Click here to do a US patent search for yourself or insist that the supplier supplies a laboratory test sheet.

o3ozone does have ozone generators that produce actual 0.0 nitrogen oxides.  Please see our Ultra-Pure Ozone Generators with air driers, or OXYGEN Generators  These units are  true no maintenance ozone generators.  Also, the UV ozone generators on this site produce zero nitrogen oxides.

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Do aggressive competitor statements have you concerned about anything?  Read our Informed Decision page for answers and resolution of many issues.


All information on the o3ozone; Allergy Purifiers LLC web site is protected by international copyright law. No part of o3ozone's web site may be copied or
 reproduced without written consent from Allergy Purifiers LLC; o3ozone.  All rights reserved, Dave Lowen, Doug Bracken &
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