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What is MICA?

The dictionary defines mica as "A class of silicates having a prismatic angle 120o, eminently perfect basal cleavage, affording thin tough laminate or scales, colorless to jet black, transparent to translucent, of widely varying chemical composition, and crystallizing in the monoclinic system".

In brief, mica is a generic term applied to a group of a complex alumina-silicate minerals having a sheet or plate like structure with different chemical compositions and physical properties. All micas from from flat six-sided mono-clinical crystals with a remarkable cleavage in the direction of the large surfaces, which permits them to split easily into optically flat films, as thin as one micron in thickness. When split into thin films, they remain tough and elastic even at high temperature.


What makes MICA so important to command such a unique position? Because it had been gifted with exceptional values. MICA possesses some of the most outstanding combination of chemical, physical, electrical, thermal and mechanical properties which are not found in any other product.

Physically: Mica is transparent, optically flat, easily splittable into thin films along its cleavage, colorless in thin sheets, resilient and incompressible.

Chemically: Mica is a complex hydrous silicate of aluminum, containing potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium fluorine and/or lithium and also traces of several other elements. It is stable and completely inert to the action of water, acids (except hydro-fluoric and concentrated sulphuric) alkalis, conventional solvents, oils and is virtually unaffected by atmospheric action.

*Electrically: Mica has the unique combination of great dielectric strength, uniform dielectric constant and capacitance stability, low power loss (high Q factor), high electrical resistively and low temperature coefficient and capacitance. It is noted for its resistances to arc and corona discharge with no permanent injury, and has little or no effect when exposed to electronic radiation dosages up to 1018 nvt. Thus maintaining its a-c dielectric material when exposed to the oxidizing action of electrical discharges either on the surface or within internal gas spaces in built-up mica insulation.

Thermally: Mica is fire proof, infusible, incombustible and non-flammable and can resist temperatures of 600oC to 900oC (1112oF to 1652oF) depending on the type of mica. It has low heat conductivity, excellent thermal stability and may be exposed to high temperatures without noticeable effect.

Mechanically: Mica is relatively soft and can be hand cut, machined or die-punched. It is flexible, elastic and tough, having high tensile strength. It can withstand great mechanical pressure perpendicular to plane but the lamination have cleavage and can be easily split into very thin leaves.



The following are some of the uses of Mica :

* Cut Mica    Plates for
   Mica    Capacitors
   Ozone Generators
* Radiation    Insulation

Nuclear Radiation
* Transistor and    Semi-Conductors* Electrical    Heating    Appliances
* Silvered    Mica Plates* Radiation    Pyrometers      and Thermal    Regulators* Communication    Devices* Flat irons
* Mica    Capacitors* Resistance and    Potentiometers    Cards* Acoustics    Apparatus,    Detonators,    Radiophone,    Gramophone,    Sound Boxes,    Head Phones,    Loudspeakers * Kettle
* Radio &    Television
* Primary and    Secondary    Insulation* Steam Boilers* Toasters
* Guided    Missiles * Bushing and    Tubes* Quarter Wave    Plates for Optical    Instruments* Band   Heaters
* Microwave    Tube
* Televisions * Marker Dials for    Navigation    compasses* Strip and    Finned    Heaters
* Target and    Mosaic
   Mica for    Telecasting
* Geiger Counter    for Radio* Goggles * Soldering    Irons
* Missiles and    High Speed    Aircraft    Randoms    and    Canopies* High Tension    Coil of Radars* Diaphragms for    Oxygen Breathing    Equipment* Incandescent    Lamps,    Fuse    Plugs,    Fuse Boxes,    Electric      Lamp    Sockets,    Lighting    Apparatus,    Induction    Coils, Grid    Rheostats
* Jet Engines
Rocket Engines
NASA Shuttle
* Telephone * Windows for    Anthracite Gas or    Petromax Lamps    and Kerosene    Stoves, Isinglass,    Furnace, Peepholes,    Heat Screens,    Metallurgical    Furnaces and Kilns,    Canopies, Shields,    smoke Helmets,    Diver Helmets, Gas    Masks, etc. * Neon-Lights
* Interlayer    Insulation    for    Transformer    Coils* High Voltage    Lamps  




Media - the name of the process material

Dc - the Dielectric Constant of the material, under the conditions shown

State - the form and/or condition of the process material


S - Solid

GR - Granulated Solid




MICA has a higher Dielectric Constant and a better temperature rating than any glass available.

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